Template codes for the Interface

Are there Template Codes for the Interface being used? And if not could it be added to 5.6.7?

The name would be useful and the path to it’s folder would be even more useful because access to it’s images would be available to the Forecast skins. [8D]

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Hmm? I’m not sure what you mean.

So something like this could be used:

var InterFace = ‘[INTERFACE]’;
var InterFaceLoc = ‘[INTERFACE LOC]’;

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There is not a template code for that, but I’ll add it to the upcoming release.

Excellent!! Thank you. [:)]

You’ve been quiet, what have you been up to?

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I’ve been pretty wrapped up in moving to my new home lately. My computer died last Sunday too, so that kept me busy all week.

Hey Mike, I thought if you could maybe make the [CRLF] and [TAB] available for use in the skin templates too? Or if not, then maybe just make your parser add the newlines in the loop structures? For some reason I’d like if all the source code could look nice - even the generated - and to be frank, it just wont without those newlines…

Hope I’m not too much of a neat freak…

[i]Originally posted by Fl?gger[/i]
I thought if you could maybe make the [CRLF] and [TAB] available for use in the skin templates too?
You should be able to do that right now using HTML.

Well, then I’m just blind as to how - could you teach me?
As it looks right now, all code i put in a [LOOP] structure, will end up without any newlines, which looks kinda crappy…


          day1[0] = '[DAILY ICON DAY]';
          day1[1] = '[DAILY ICON NIGHT]';
      [/DAILY LOOP]

Will end up like:

      day1[0] = '[DAILY ICON DAY]';          day1[1] = '[DAILY ICON NIGHT]';

And even if you add the newline yourself, it looks kinda weird:

      day1[0] = '[DAILY ICON DAY]';
          day1[1] = '[DAILY ICON NIGHT]';

Hope this clarifies.

Fl?gger, that looks like Javascript to me… I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do. You need to add
to add HTML returns.

Yeah, i know that, but doesn’t help the source… the page is displaying just fine, but the source is stripped for linebreaks for the parts inside the loop-structures…

But yeah, the given example is from some part of the script - would be the same for any other place… just something that has been a little thorn in my eye…

Ah, I see what you’re saying now [:D] I don’t know if there is any way to fix that or not.

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
Ah, I see what you're saying now [:D]
Ah, but do you hear what he's looking at? [:o)]