Temperaturevalues are incorrect

Hello Mike,

When I open the ‘daily’ screen I can find the forecast for the next days. Right now it shows me that the temperature tomorrow will be high 21C and low 12C.
When I open the ‘hourly’ or the ‘now’ screen I find different temperaturevalues for tomorow. An example: for friday 2 PM the forecast is 32C !!
Can you explain this?

Because I don’t know how to put the printscreen-images in this message I will sent them to you by mail.

The hourly forecast is being cached too long by the WeatherBug data feed, so it’s most likely not the current forecast. I heard from WeatherBug today – they said if all goes well, a fix will be out tomorrow. When that fix goes out, Weather Watcher Live will pick up the change automatically.

Sometimes the data just goes nuts. A few days ago, it was about 68F (true temp) in my area, yet the WeatherBug data (which was actually NWS data) said it was currently 90F! I checked both the WeatherBug and the NWS sites, and it said 90F there as well. After awhile they corrected the problem, and WWL began showing the correct temp.