Temperature NA and history lost

Hello, I’m having trouble with the program, a month ago the temperature marked ‘NA’ and in history does not write anything and if I put another station, the story is deleted all, and I have saved history of the last 6 years. Can you solve this ?, or is there a way to combine the stations?, so that the story I have stored is not deleted. Thank you,
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Sorry for my inglish, speak spanish.

Monthly observations are only logged for the current weather station and only while Weather Watcher is running. After switching to a brand new weather station, the monthly observations will be empty since data was never collected for that weather station.

There is no way to combine the monthly observations for multiple weather stations. If you want to view the data for an old weather station, you’ll need to temporarily switch back to that weather station.

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And the problem NA? Solution?. Thanks

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N/A is usually a sign that the selected weather station is either temporarily or permanently down.

If the weather station has a webpage, you can click the weather logo at the bottom, right corner in the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window. That’ll show you the current details being reported by the weather station at the source. You’ll also be able to see the last time the weather data was updated.

If you need help verifying whether or not the weather station is online, then post a screenshot showing the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window and I’ll take a look.

The page has been changed … when I click it it says page error … but when I edit the page it has to be.
This is the address that the program gives me
but the real direction is this
I mean the page changed the address, the station is working

Please attach your “CityCode.cmb” file here so I can see which weather stations you’ve added in Weather Watcher. Here’s the easiest way to locate that file:

  1. Open the Weather Watcher Options window.
  2. Click the “Open Skin Location” button in the “Skins” tab.
  3. Go up one folder level and look for the “CityCode.cmb” file.

CityCode.cmb (774 Bytes)

not solution?, no?:pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:

I tried that weather station and found the same result as you. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be available in any apps that use Weather Underground stations. Here’s a screenshot from the Weather Underground iPhone app:

It’s weird, because on the page it shows:
I think Weather Watcher does not pick it up

Are you able to pick it up using the Weather Underground iPhone or Android app?

I did not know there was an application for android. Do not look for it in the official page of “wunderground” and it says that it is in line, the program seems that it does not raise.

do not care much now.
now it can be combined with history in the last version soft. But there is no solution to the problem, I had to change the station.

Here’s a screenshot from the Weather Underground Android app:

Like in other apps, these are the only available weather stations in that area:

If you’d like, I can write an app that will combine the history for your old and current weather station. Let me know if you’d like to do that.

the station he mentions is personal and is close to home, is from a neighbor and is badly installed for my taste.
It is not official, I mean “governmental / military” so I do not place or accept it, I do not know if I explain …
But I noticed with the new version software the monthly history with the new estation (Earth Networks) was combined. I do not know if you did that … but now my main problem is solved! Thank you!
I attached an image to understand.

I translate all of the Spanish with Google translator and it may be that some things translate poorly.

Perfect! I didn’t make any changes, but the data will be combined as long as the weather station id is the same. Since you’re using the same weather station (and just getting the data from a different weather service), the weather station id is the same.

Thanks You!!

Sorry. There was a problem, and I apologize that it has returned to open the topic. monthly / history has disappeared, that is, I am left blank, again! … (and more the previous years that interests me, to make comparisons), you told me that You could make a version or modify one that allows you to combine between stations or something by style. Thank you!

In the same location where you found the “CityCode.cmb” file, there is also a file named “wwl.mdb”. Please email that file to me at Mike@SingersCreations.com.

There I sent it. Thank you!