Temperature Bug in Weather Watcher Live 1.0.6 for Firefox?

Hi and thanks for another great Firefox add-on.

Overall, it’s a great one with the same quality Mike Singer is used to provide us with their counterpart free windows applications. Much obliged.

For whatever reason it is, temperatures are always displayed in F, even if C is selected in preferences configuration. It’s only me or is it really a bug? #-o

Many thanks.

I’ll include a fix in the next release. In the meantime, you should be able to resolve this issue by restarting Firefox.

No problems here in the UK.

biggles150, it looks like the conversion changes are not being applied until the weather is refreshed again (either manually or automatically).

Mike… Ah, I understand. By the time I checked it, it had obviously auto-refreshed.

That’s exactly what’s happening. Restarting Firefox will resolve the issue, as per Mike’s suggestion.

Many thanks. :thumbright: