I’ve been messing around with the forcast WTPs recently, and I’ve got a
It seems to me that [TEMP PARENS], [FEELS PARENS], etc output the temperature number, the degrees symbol, and the unit, all together. Is there any way to output just the number, without the degrees and units? I want to display the temperature large and beneath the weather icon on the current conditions page (for easy viewing on a large monitor), and I find that “67?F” is alot bulkier than “67” or even “67?”. (Especially with the font I am using) I’ve tried just using just [TEMP], and that seems to be no different than [TEMP PARENS].

Also, while I’m at it, I think a nice future feature could be the option of calling up digit images for temperature instead of text.

Thanks alot… your program is superb, by the way.

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