Temp icon on bar

Mike, the program works well with two exceptions here. The TWC 2100 dopplar radar for the South East comes up 1800 regardless. Also cannot get any font type and size combo to show up right on the notification area.

The 2100 map is loading with a “2100” label across the top of the map image, so it looks like the map is loading properly in Weather Watcher. TWC’s 1800 and 2100 maps sure do look very similar though.

Regarding the tray font type, is it hard to read? If so, did you try toggling the “Make transparent” checkbox in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? You might also want to try a Background Color other than the default white.

Map for South East Dopplar Radar incorrect

Hi Mike, I installed Weather Watcher Live on my laptop just now and ran into the same problem with the wallpaper as I did the desktop. In order to receive the 2100 mile dopplar from TWC, I had to check the coastal flood advisory. When I check the 2100-mile dopplar I got the 1800-mile instead. When I checked the 1800-mile, I received something else which placed the emphasis on Florida. Do not remember any names. The tray icon on the laptop works fine though.

This issue has been resolved. Please install the current version of Weather Watcher Live if you’re experiencing this problem.