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Temp and time doesn't change.

First I keep seeing that some folks here have WWL720244 yet the download on the suit is still WWL720242 (just downloaded it) I cant think of when this program did a auto update.

But the problem I’m having is when I hit refresh it gets 1/2 way then just stays there for ever, till I force the program to close.
When it does refresh the time from the last refresh is hours behind and the temp is never right.

It you notice in the graph bar it shows the right time (8pm) but the last refresh update time is 5:38pm. This seems to be an ongoing problem.

There are also times when I want to exit the program by right clicking on the temp icon in the task bar it won’t show the drop down menu.

Any suggestions?

Same here. I’m in Jacksonville, Florida. The last update was around 7:30AM yesterday and it’s now after midnight the following day. I attempted to change the weather station via tray and it just stalls with no change. Going into the Options to change the station does nothing.

Those are unreleased versions. If not publicly available for download, they are likely versions you don’t want to install anyhow.

I released a new version this morning to resolve a few refresh related issues.

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Thanks M, everything back to working. :ok_hand:

7.2.245 looks to be working well. Thanks