temp and data way off

I changed stations 3 times all still wrong and way off its around 70’s here but its saying 20
anything i can do on my end? :shock:

It looks like Celsius is selected in the “Conversion” section of the Weather Watcher Options window.

thanks that’s what is was odd i never changed it?
thanks again, should have thought to check that but i set it once and never changed it.

When adding new weather stations, Weather Watcher tries to auto select the temperature conversion based on the location of the weather station. I need to tweak that logic a bit in the next Weather Watcher release since it doesn’t always perform as expected.

Thanks i’ll remember to check that the next time i change/add station :slight_smile:

WW 7.2.79 on Windows 7.
Current temperature is by about 4C higher than actual reading. As evidenced by the screenshots it shows 8C at 9 a.m. while it is actually 4C. Then instead of going up during the day, the forcast shows lower temperatures which are probably correct. Therefore, the tray icon is useless. This may be connected with the Weather Underground where current temperatures are regularly higher than the real readings (as per physical thermometers and all other apps)

P.S. Apparently I am not allowed to post attachments, so I cannot illustrate the problem.