Taskbar "Feels Like" temperature shows wrong info

If I have Display Feels Like option active and the actual temperature falls below -20C the taskbar shows -1. Also in the pop-up shows the feels like temperature with double minus signs. e.g.: --23.7*C

you can see a sample image at:

note that this only happens when the feels-like temperature is below -21*C.

Valentino, your screenshot is showing the correct temperature in the system tray icon – it’s just cut off because the font is too large for the tray icon. You can format the icon in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

The following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve the double minus sign issue:

Thank you!

I am using Arial 8px as the font, anything smaller will not be visible for me…
Also I am not using tenth’s place and the degree symbol.
I hope we will not have -23*C temperatures again, but if we do, I will keep you informed if it doesn’t work.

Thanks again,

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that the double-minus “–” issue is still happening at temperatures below -20*C but now only in the balloon-pop-up and the Feels Like section. The taskbar is ok.
Please check the image:

Here’s what I see:

Are you sure the weather was updated since installing the above build? I noticed the updates were kind of slow just now – the process timed out a few times on me.

Something might be different in my computer. I used the same location as you had and have the following:

and I have the version you sent me:

My regional setting is set to United States. What could be the reason for this strange issue?
But I don’t mind, it’s just cosmetic. you can ignore it if there are no other reports. It might be specific to my system.
Thanks for the quick replies.

So far, I’ve been able to reproduce this problem about 2 times in 50 or so updates. I don’t know if the data is bad sometimes or there is an issue with the code. I’ll have to do some more testing.

Is the double negative there for you on every weather update?

Yes, it is there always and I haven’t seen it correct itself yet.
Now even the taskbar indicator is showing -1 again…

I will do some testing at my end and will let you know if I find anything related.

I love the program, been using it for a several years now.

Try the following Weather Watcher Live build:

Mike, thank you very much, this build fixed the issue, I tried different locations, from warm to cold cities and all worked fine.

Awesome! Thank you for working with me on this.