Tabbed interface of PIE+ causes display problems.

  1. Version of Weather Watcher Live


  1. Detailed description of the bug

When you have 1+ tabs open in PIE using PIEPlus 2.2 then run Weather Watcher all of the aforementioned tabs appear in Weather Watcher. If you close those tabs they remain visible in Weather Watcher.

  1. Any error messages (word-for-word)


  1. Steps to reproduce the problem (if possible)

I have PIEPlus installed and for example:

  • Open a page to an article I was reading.
  • Open a page to Google.
  • Start Weather Watcher – it does NOT matter in which order these three items take place as long as Weather Watcher is opened AFTER PIE – nor does it require 2 tabs and Weather Watcher, any number, including 1 will work.
    ** Notice that Weather Watcher shows 3 tabs. (Article, Google, Weather Watcher).
  • Click Article or Google tab and it takes you to that tab.
  • Close (not minimize) either the Article or Google tab.
    ** Notice Weather Watcher shows the Article or Google tab to its left. (You may need to activate Weather Watcher from your Task Manager.)
    ** Notice that it also DISAPPEARS – leaving behind only Article and Google.
    ** Notice it is still running – access it via the Task Manager.
  1. Any relevant screenshots

Weather Watcher has been opened after 2 other tabs.
Click either tab and Weather Watcher totally vanishes.

More screen shots would be pointless after that – as in, I don’t know how to show you that it keeps tabs visible (it would look like the first screen shot).

Let me know if I can help further!

It seems PIEPlus is modifying PIE all of the time… even when an embedded instance of PIE is opened. You should try to pass this information onto them since their software is causing those tabs to appear outside of a normal instance of PIE.

Aaah, good point. Will do.