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Hello all!

I just discovered Weather Watcher today and this software totally ROCKS!
The only suggestion I have would be to be able to see the weather conditions in the systray (sunny, cloudy, rainy…), using the same icons (but smaller [;)]) than in the main interface. It would look much better and bring more information than the current temperature icon. Of course what would be perfect would be to have the weather condition AND the temperature on the same icon.
Can we expect this feature in a new release?

PS: Again, great job Mike Singer!!

Yes… it’s coming in version 5.6.

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
Yes... it's coming in version 5.6.

Oh, great! I’m glad to hear that!
When will 5.6 be available?

Excellent :slight_smile:

  • Wilson

Thanks for the possiblity of having two icons in the system tray. I have a question related to this and to skins. Would it be possible to have the option to set a certain skin for the forecast icons and a different one for the icons in the system tray? It’s just that some icons look great in the program, but look bad in the tray.

Hello Mike,
I have a suggestion regarding this topic.
I’m using 5.6b3 and I do like the option of having the temperature and the current conditions displayed in the tray.
At the moment, it shows the tray icon for current conditions, but the tooltip for that icon just says ‘Weather Watcher’.
Would it be possible for it to actually show the current condition in the tooltip? e.g: Cloudy/Snow/Rain etc instead of just ‘Weather Watcher’?
I realize I have that option when I put the mouse over the temperature display, but just thought it would be nice to have that same/similar information displayed on the current conditions icon’s tooltip.
Thanks for listening.