Systray font fuzzy

I first want to say Weather Watcher is a fantastic tool. Thanks for such an elegant, easy to use program.

My issue is with the clarity of the fonts used to display the temperature in the system tray (systray). I just switched from a CRT to a LCD type monitor. With the old CRT, the WW systray display was clear and sharp. With this LCD, the WW systray display is rather blockly looking.
Here is a picture of what I mean:
( … ystray.jpg)

See how the time and date are sharp, but the WW display is blocky and hard to read. Increasing the WW font size and eliminating the degree symbol doesn’t help much. Using various display settings for “standard” and “cleartype” screen smoothing doesn’t solve this problem either. It’s strange how I never had this problem with the CRT monitor. Everything was crisp; even the degree symbol at this font size with the CRT.

Anyway, I would like to know if anyone can solve my dilemma. Thanks

Rockinblue, try setting the tray icon background color, instead of using the transparent background.

That did the trick. Thanks, Mike.

I had done a fresh install of WW and had forgotten to reset the background color to match the blue of the system tray color.


I had the same problem. Setting the font color to something other than white seems to make a difference. Try this:

Font: Tahoma 9 Normal
Font Color: 255 255 0 (Yellow)
Background Color: 13 141 234 (Blue XP Theme System Tray color)

I had this problem a while ago too and had just changed my font to one that was clearer without realising that I needed to turn off the transparent background to fix the fuzziness due to the Clear Type settings. My problem remains that I was trying to set a custom background color to match my XP theme with a blackish value of 30,30,30 for RGB. I’m able to add my color to the custom colors but when I click OK, the color of the background just stays at black. It doesn’t seem to keep the custom color that I’ve set. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

[i]Originally posted by Rockinblue[/i]
clear and sharp. With this LCD, the WW systray display is rather blockly looking.

I have the same problem and unfortunately the transparency thing doesn’t fix it. Any suggestions?

Great tool!!

Regards, Brenny

Brenny Hansma

I tried the “no transparency” option and it did fix it, but I very much wanted the transparency so I tried different fonts. Some fonts are better than others. Both Terminal and Courier produced a sharp image (with transparancy set) on my LCD screen.

One issue to note: These fonts don’t work well if the degree symbol is set to display, so you’d have to turn that option off…

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

I figured it out!
When I loaded the default (blue) theme of WindowsXP the problem was solved. In my case it’s not a WW problem after all…

Thanks for your reaction!

Regards, Brenny

Brenny Hansma