Systray auto-color


Maybe someone already suggested this, I don’t know, but I think it would be nice for the systray color to change with the temperature.

This could concern both the foreground and/or background temperatures, and move from blue at 0?C to red at 30?C or so.

I suppose it would it would be tough to do it in “continuous” mode, but why not create 5? steps, such as 0-5?, 5-10?, 10-15? and so on ?
What would you guys think about that ?


Interesting idea, I don’t know if I’d use it…

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Well, as I see it, it would be a really nice way to be aware of the temperature outside in a visual way.

Of course, if we want to go further into the features, you could select a maxiumum and minimum for your temperature range, depending on if you live in Stockholm or Calcutta… :slight_smile: Or simply adapt to winter or summer situations in places where temperature changes a lot according to the season.

And maybe you could choose the colors of the coldest and hotest temperatures. But let’s give time to Mike, because being so configurable is probably tough !

The main interest of the feature, though, remains that of knowing if you should go out wearing “light” clothes, being covered or really into your coat !


kinda cool

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I like this idea too. I can’t promise as to when it’ll be added… I have a lot of other things to work on first (maps, resizable interface, multiple city view, etc.).

OK, great !
I’ve been looking for this type of feature for a long time !
Keep up the great work !