System tray temperature truncates

Weather Watcher version 5.6.20e
Windows XP Professional sp3

  1. The temperature in the system tray truncates. The left-most and right-most characters do not display if the font size is larger than 6. For instance, my font settings are Arial, size 8, normal, and the temperature is 11.7°, the display shows 1.7 and when I change the font size to 6, it displays 11.7° but it is prohibitively tiny.
    It looks like there is just not enough room allocated for the digits to display with the normal size fonts.

  2. There are no error messages.

  3. Normal system tray display settings.

  4. Two screenshots of the display in the system tray: temp1.jpg = Arial, size 8, normal.
    Screenshot temp2.jpg = Arial, size 6, normal.
    The Temperature is 11.1°C in the screenshots

I keep my tool bar with the system tray at the top of my desktop screen, but the result is the same if the bar is on top, on the bottom or on the side of the desktop.

Thanks and hope to hear something soon.

That happens because Windows has a max width for a system tray icon. You can use the settings in the “Tray Icon” section of the Weather Watcher Options to shorten the text displayed in the system tray.

Thanks for the reply Mike.
I know I can customize the display settings, it’s just a shame that Microsoft set a width limit to the system tray icons. OK, I’ll deal with it the way it is, and thanks again for you response.
Take care