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syssense alternative?

Ah - my syssense finally gave up the ghost, just reports 0’s.

I’ve been looking for an alternative - but haven’t found anything worthwhile, or even working.

Anyone found a good alternative? Lots of people are looking for something like this.

I’d also like to see syssense continued. I used it daily for years until recently when nothing shows up anymore.

Mike, have you completely abandoned this? If so are you going to open source it?

Please, please, PLEASE open source this code if it has been abandoned!!! :icon_smile:

I really miss SysSense, there really is no alternative to it that I have found. I would willingly volunteer to maintain the code if it was available.


Mike, what do you think, would you be wiling to let Warren update it, if possible? Or any chance it could be re-continued? It was certainly a great idea and very handy.

I also MISS SysSense very much!

Just a little update to make it work again, pleeeeze =D>