Sygate Personal Fire Wall Work Around

Here is the Sygate Personal Fire Wall Work Around.


It’s war. Whats up. Sorry been busy or would of let you known sooner.

Here is the work around.

BTW your current posted workaround:

Then Open Sygate Personal firewall, then go to “Tools”, then “Options”, select “Security” tab and click “Reset all fingertips for all applications”.

Does not work.

Oh and btw I’m using Sygate Personal Firewall Pro. But the free version should be similar and work in the same way.

Anyways for some reason this does.

First close Weather Watcher if it is running.

You need to set up an anvanced rule. So open Sygate. Then click the tools menu and then Advanced Rules. Click Add to add an anvanced rule.

And setup the General tab like so: (Of course you can change “Apply Rule to Network Interface” if you wish, that is your network card & of course you can setup screensaver mode as you like and you also check "Record this traffic in “Packet Log” if you wish)

Then setup the Hosts tab like so:

Setup the Ports and Protocols tab like so:

Then go to the Applications tab and select ww.exe and dl.exe.

Click ok on this screen and then ok on the Advanced Rules screen.

And then close the Sygate window.

Then loaded up Weather Watcher.

Thats all there is to it. :slight_smile:

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