Sydney Weather

I’m having a problem getting updates for Sydney, Australia.
I get the NA in the taskbar and when i go to view the current conditions they are all marked as NA except for sunrise and sunset times.

If I change the active city to Brisbane or something else it updates instantly, i have a broadband connection and i dont think its just timing out as i can get any other city’s updates.

Anyone have any suggestions? i’v also tried re-installing the application.


kayman, nothing is wrong with Weather Watcher. Sometimes the data just isn’t available for certain cities at certain times. If you check your weather at, you’ll find that it’s not available there either.

Thanks Mike, your right it isnt available on didnt even think to check there. Its been down for over a week seems like I hope they get it back soon.


Hey Guys, Syd weather on has been down for over 1.5 months I couldnt see anywhere to let them know. Does anyone know if city’s can go offline for such a long period of time any other way I can get updates I really like weather watcher and dont want to use another program but if i must till sydney comes back up any suggestions?

Hi Kayman,

– Google’s list of alternate places for Sydney Weather,GGLD:2004-26,GGLD:en&q=Weather+Forecast+for+Sydney+Australia&spell=1

– Sydney Weather (N/A) - “Contact Us” in the dark blue bar at the bottom of the Sydney page.

– PatrickB

I had the same Problem with Perth Western Australia.
I noticed that had no condition data (only temp) for Perth.
They did have condition data for “Mount Lawley Perth Metro” which I think is the main BOM office in Perth so I changed to use that - might be another station for Sydney too?