Sunny after sunset....

Strange, but the last weeks I get information that can not be correct…

For example: at 22:00 Hr UTC, I receive as condition : Sunny…

Then, when there is a change for rain, I got always 56% change of rain…

Is there something wrong ?

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

2) Which weather station are you using?

Version : 6.0.1 (the latest one)

Antwerp (Deurne) in Belgium.

When you take a look now, it is Sunny (???), observed at 6:50 PM (UTC +1)

Luc, weather stations outside of the US display daily information to the left of the map in the “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window. The image in the Weather Watcher Live tray icon window is showing the image for the current day – the same image from the top, left corner of the “NOW” section and the first image in the “DAILY” section.

I don’t have access to the current condition for weather stations outside of the US. I believe WeatherBug is working to add that information to their weather data feed.

I can not believe this… During each upload we receive correct information (it changes different times a day). Just after sunset it is taken the icon of the day…

And that is strange, because when it is dark, you can not tell to other people that it is sunny here… I hope this can be fixed somewhere…

Txs for the nice software…

Luc, in the current daily forecast, I see a 40% chance of precipitation on Thursday and a %60 chance of precipitation on Saturday. I don’t see 56% anywhere in the forecast.

I see your point about not telling people it’s sunny when it’s dark outside, but I am only able to display the weather data that your weather station is reporting. The current version of Weather Watcher Live is displaying daily data where you’re expecting to see the current conditions (for cities outside of the US).

I just took another look at WeatherBug’s weather data feed and saw they have the current weather icon and description (e.g. Sunny) for your weather station. I’ll update Weather Watcher Live with that information and post a new build for you in this thread.

Luc, the following Weather Watcher Live build will display the current condition icon and text in the Weather Watcher Live tray icon window:

Please give it a try and let me know if it resolves your issue.

OK, give me till tonight to see what… At this moment Froggy, but that is correct…

it seems to be OK. At this moment, the weather indicated is fair. So, that is correct.
The next days, we have the same weather here, so I need to wait bad weather to see the other messages.

BTW, I use the program to give correct weather to hamradion in PSK and RTTY modes. It works fine and it is luxuous to give them the correct information.

OK, seems to be fixed. This can be closed… TXS

Afermy last download, I have the problem again. It is now 23:00 Hr Local Time and it seems to be now ‘Mostly Sunny’

Any idea ?

Luc, the condition seems to be displaying correctly right now. Is your condition still displaying incorrectly?

at the moment it is correct, but it is daylight (19:00 Hr Local Time)
So, I give you a second answer this evening with the correct

SORRY, but at this moment (22:00 Hr LT and a few hours dark), the display give now : PARTLY SUNNY. So, I think that it is wrong again…

That is what is being reported in WeatherBug’s datafeed. I’ll pass this onto them and see what they can do.

you can check it now. see Antwerp, Belgium (Deurn) (must be Deurne normally)

I did check it – I am still seeing the same thing is you. At this point, there is nothing I can do. Weather Watcher Live is displaying the data as-is in the WeatherBug datafeed.

No problem Mike. You do a great work for everyone…

I see what happens. At the moment it is not a problem to see something others…