Suggestion: More beta testing

I understand that once you write a new version or make modifications to an existing version, you want to put it right out there for people to download. With that said, I want to say how annoying it is that there is a new version, what seems to be, every few days. It makes it hard for me to recommend it to my customers who are looking for an unbloated, non-adware excellent weather program such as yours, especially if they are novices to programs and with dial-up accounts.

Maybe test it more or have a select group of 10-15 customers that will run it for a week and give you bug reports. I would be willing to help out in this if needed.

Now, I realize that I am not a paying customer and should be grateful for the free software, which I am, its an excellent program, your hard work has paid off. I just feel that an update every few days is a nuisance.

Thanks for listening to the suggestion.