Suggestion for rain type

Hello Mike, the fall is almost here, and i wondering can you make rain info to be separated like rain/snow/ice like is on accuWeather. And maybe precipitation information to be separated in monthly observations if it is possible.

I don’t receive information like this from any of my weather data sources. Assuming “ice” means “sleet”, I’m guessing AccuWeather is using the temperatures in their hourly forecast to calculate the precipitation type. It’s a neat idea, but I’m not sure how accurate it would be since the hourly forecasts do not usually match the exact temperatures. Also, I could see there being a lot of error around the times when the temperature is close to the freezing point.

Okay, thanks for reply. I have another question, is there a possibility to add uv index and cloud cover?

Cloud cover is displayed as “Sky Cover” in the hourly forecast for WeatherBug weather station. I do not have that information for Weather Underground weather stations.

I’ll look into adding the UV index to the daily forecast in a future Weather Watcher release.

I use WeatherBug weather station, but i don’t see where wwl show “Sky Cover”, can you tell me?

I just noticed it was not displaying for international weather stations. The following build includes it in the hourly forecast:

Super, thanks. Also I think that information (Sky Cover) is going to be wonderful addition to system tray tooltip and to hourly tooltip on NOW section, if is possible to add it there.

I added those ideas to my to-do list.