Sudden Update Stoppage.


I am running WW 5.6.41 on a Windows XP SP3 machine, and have fallen victim to the update stoppage. It appears that last week, after installing the latest Windows XP update, that WW was no longer able to connect. I have taken the following steps, with no joy.

  1. Updated from an earlier version to 5.6.41.
  2. Unloaded and reloaded 5.6.41. Several times.
  3. Loaded WW Live. No dice.
  4. Loaded several other weather programs. No problem. All work.
  5. Temporarily disabled Kaspersky Firewall/Security
  6. Make suggested changes to IE and Firefox Browsers.
  7. Checked that was available on my machine.
  8. Loaded 5.6.41 on my wife’s machine (we share the same cable connection) It worked fine.
  9. Changed checkbox to allow my to “store user files in the WW program file.”
  10. WW will not load any cities/location information.
  11. WW WILL load maps.
  12. Made other configuration changes to WW, as suggested in the forums.

Any other possible work-arounds or diagnostics would be appreciated. WW is a GREAT program, I would hate to lose this functionality.



Did you check with IE? WW only uses IE.

Between any of these changes did you reboot?

What is your update frequency set to?

When you reboot is the weather data updated or is it the same as the last time?

If you have the WW window open and click on the Update icon what do you see?

Are you using a Limited Access Account on XP?

Where are your Maps being stored? The install folder or your Windows Profile folder?


Thank you for the quick response…

  • Yes, I did check on IE, and everything was fine.
  • I did reboot.
  • Frequency is set to 30 minutes.
  • After reboot, I get the same image (god w/ thunderbolt), no data whatsoever.
  • With the WW window open and “Update” icon pressed. I get a the “Downloading Weather Data” bar, without any downloading.
  • I have full admin rights on this machine.
  • I am not sure where the maps are saved, although it doesn’t look as if they are in the Program Files/WW nor the C:\Documents and Settings\Greg\Application Data\WeatherWatcher directories.

There may be larger issues than this. I am having some other serious software issues that have “popped up”. It may be time to start with a fresh OS install. I will let you know.

Many thanks,