Strange Weather Bug update problem

I noticed that there is another update problem being discussed, but this one is not the same.

1) Version of Weather Watcher Live: 7.0.77

2) Detailed description of the bug:

Upon starting my computer at about 11:45 p.m. EST, I found an error message saying that WW Live would not update. It claimed it could not connect to the or retrieve weather data.

It said one of three possibilities may have occurred: I might not be connected to the internet, my security software or firewall might be blocking access to the internet, or my computer or network might be blocking access to

None of these items appears to be the issue. My internet connection is fine, turning off my anti-virus and firewall had no effect, and I had no trouble accessing the Weather Bug website. However, I am not sure if checking if I can access the website is what they meant me to check.

Might there be a problem with the Weather Bug servers connecting to Weather Watcher Live? The Weather Bug site was up-to-date with its info. We had some storms in this area today, so I turned my computer off around 6:30 p.m. EST. The update problem seems to have occurred around that time, as the data on my WW Live is frozen at 7 p.m.

3) Any error messages (word-for-word):

"Weather Watcher Live was not able to connect to and/or retrieve the weather data.

Please verify the following:

  1. You’re connected to the internet.

  2. You’re software (i.e. firewall software, security software) is not blocking Internet access to Weather Watcher Live.

  3. Your computer and/or network is not preventing you from viewing

4) Steps to reproduce the problem (if possible):

Not sure. I have noticed that WW Live tries to update itself regularly, with no error message. However, if I try to update manually from the program itself, I get the error message.

5) Any relevant screenshots:

Did this start today or has this been happening for some time? If you restart Weather Watcher Live, does the weather update then?

The problem only started today and restarting had no effect. However, the problem seems to have disappeared for the moment. Things appear to have returned to normal.

My guess would be that it had something to do with the Weather Bug server.

I did notice upon doing a forced update that the “Chance of Precipitation” column did something odd. All instances of “90%” changed to “100%”. That seems so minor that it was hardly worth mentioning.

I have my program set to update every 10 minutes. So a sudden change seemed a little out of the ordinary when I usually get varying amounts of percentages on the forecast.

I’m thinking the same thing.

A change from 90 to 100 is probably not out of the ordinary. If you ever have any doubts, just click the WeatherBug or Weather Underground icon on the right side of the main Weather Watcher Live window and compare the weather data on the website.