sticky notes keep disappearing

I usually maintain 20-30 sticky notes on my 3-monitor computer. When I close the machine down or do a reboot I seem to lose a random number of sticky notes. This is a problem because I use the notes to organize my day and control to-do items.

 I do not see a correlation to location or color of message. 

  I am running XP but no other Microsoft programs. Usually I have Alpha 4, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and Firefox as ongoing operating programs. Occasionally Clarisworks, Clipomatic, Groupmail Pro.

 Can you advise me how to prevent this from happening? 

Brian Eastman

I have the same issue. It only happens on my VIsta machine when connected to the docking station and the dual monitor is used. The notes appear on the second display and when you click to resize them, they disappear.

Any ideas if there is a tweak we can do to resolve this?

-Chris W.

MegabyteCoffee, notes don’t seem to stick properly on dual monitors setup where the primary monitor is on the right. I have a dual monitor setup with the primary monitor on the left – and all is well.

Mike, you were correct. Moving the primary monitor to the left resolved the issue!

My helpdesk guys have noted they had a couple of other apps they used that had similar issues with their dual monitors where the primary was on the right.