StickIt Starts Windows Installer - Q & A, Problem Solved

Ok, here’s the problem, for which there is an answer below:

Q: Ever since I installed StickIt 3.0.3, whenever I first start the program, Windows Installer starts up and tries to install (or re-install) my accounting software (Peachtree). I’ve tried uninstalling StickIt and reverting back to the 2.0.4 version, but now even that version has the same issue, spawning the Windows Installer at startup. What’s causing this?

NOTE: While this problem targeted my accounting software, it is not localized to this one program. This is a registry issue that could affect any installed software that uses Windows Installer.

A: The following Windows Installer CleanUp Utility will allow you to resolve this problem by removing the registry keys that are causing the installer to launch:

Thanks to Mike Singer for pointing out the solution to this problem. :thumbright: