StickIt notes jump to the right

Hi. When I create a StickIt note on my desktop, I have notice that if I accidentally click the note, it jumps to the right automatically. Lets say I have a note in the center of my screen. If this note is 150 pixels wide by 50 pixels high, clicking the note makes the note jump to the right by 150 pixels. If I keep doing this, it will eventually go off screen.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but it always happens to me. I am running version 3.0.6 and am using Windows XP Professional x64.

Does this happen on other operating systems?


I know there are some issues when using StickIt on a dual monitor setup. It seems the notes do not position properly when the primary monitor is on the right (and secondary on the left).

Does this sound like the case for you too?

Yes. I had been guessing that it was an operating system issue, but you are probably right. My primary monitor is the middle of three.

Thanks for the info.