StickIt mysteriously unloads

I newly installed StickIt. The icon appears in the toolbar and when I right click on it, the pane opens allowing for various actions… However upon clicking on any of them… nothing happens… and in a short while the tool bar icon disappears (meaning that the program has un-loaded).
Before right clicking on the toolbar icon a second computer in our XP Home network can “see” this computer via the StickIt Contact function… naturally when it un-loads it is no longer “seen”.
Hope you can help.

Daryl, did you try to reboot and reinstall StickIt?

Yes I did. We also downloaded all XP updates. Turned off all Norton stuff and checked the settings on our Kaspersky firewall, antivirus and other privacy settings.

Daryl, are you having trouble using the system tray menus from any other software? StickIt uses a standard Windows system tray menu, so I am not so sure that StickIt itself is the cause of this issue.