StickIt Ideas

Couple suggestions to make it even more useful.
1.) Have StickIt remember its position on the screen before exiting so it’s not always in the center.

2.) Some kind of text log of past notes. Maybe Sent, Received, & Personal (local) categories.

3.) Different Note Launcher and UDP Server icons in Startup folder. Generic VB icons right now.

I’ll have more suggestions soon I’m sure. My girlfriend’s workplace may be interested in using it in their small office. The boss is afraid of AIM, ICQ, etc for security reasons so yours will work well. Of course, I’ll ask her to donate if she begins to use it. :slight_smile:

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(Shameless Plug!)

Hello Stickit works great (first day today) we are trying it out for our network communication. Aim,icq is web based we needed smething network based. The only thing we do not like about it is it goes to desk top instead of ontop of application which we need. If we continue to use it you will receive a donation.

Paul – you can set the notes to stay ontop of the other windows. In the StickIt note’s dropdown menu, make sure “Keep note ontop” is checked.