StickIt doesn't

My old version of StickIt died, and I downloaded the new version, but every time I attempt to create a note, and push the “Create Note” button, everything disappears. No note, no nothing. Please help.

When you click the Create Note button, does the StickIt system tray icon also disappear?

Are you using a dual monitor setup? This sounds like an issue that I’ve seen on dual monitor setups where the right monitor is the primary monitor.

No, the Icon stays in the tray, and it is a home computer with just one monitor. Thanx, Aristuttle

Aristuttle, the only thing I can think is that StickIt is not able to figure out how to display the notes within your viewable desktop area. That said, it’s possible that the notes are being created outside of the viewable desktop area.

What happens if you check the Always display notes on top of all other windows box in the General tab of the StickIt Options window?