StickIt 3.0.1d

StickIt 3.0.1d includes the following changes:

? ADDED: USB compatibility. To use, copy the following files from the StickIt program folder (C:\Program Files\StickIt) to any location on your USB drive:

  • dl.exe
  • StickIt3.exe

Also, create a new blank file named “Settings.ini” (place in same location). If you do not create the “Settings.ini” file, then StickIt will save its settings in the Windows registry and Windows user profile.

? ADDED: “Set to On Top” item to the note menu to allow the note to be temporatily to set the top of all windows and/or running programs. This setting is reset when StickIt is restarted.

? FIXED: StickIt was not saving all font sizes as whole numbers (e.g. “8.25” instead of “8”). When reloading the note font size, StickIt was not able to read in the correct font size for those users whose font size was formatted with a comma (e.g. 8,25).

? FIXED: Last used font size was not loading correctly into the StickIt Note Editor when creating new notes.

Download StickIt 3.0.1d