Station Selection

What has happened to the Station List? I have always used the local airport, its not even listed anymore. Searches only provide Weatherbug sources which seem to be schools or businesses.

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I’m not sure what you mean. Can you share some more details?

I wonder if it was just a general glitch yesterday? My station (Sydney, Australia [Sydney International Airport]) kept changing, even though I have only nominated one, and the time observed was also an hour or so after the time downloaded. It’s righted itself today and no further problems. That’s why I logged into the forum, out of curiosity to see if anyone else had had the same problem.

The problem disappeared after shutdown/restart. Along with this issue there were several Window errors that WW must shutdown. Was not able to capture the info MS wanted me to send them.

Normally for my zip code there are 20 or so listed active weather stations. Yesterday only the weather stations with the Weatherbug data source were listed and active. I prefer the NWS data sources.

Thanks and make it a great day.

Both of my stations Ellensburg, WA and Tokeland, WA. have switched to station sites different than the ones I previously selected and no longer show the ones I want as being available. I had previously selected Ellensburg High School and South Bend, WA. Now I’m getting Bowers Field and Bowerman Airport, respectively.

Simbi & unrealguy69, please see the following thread: