Station KECA2 - 9450460 - Ketchikan, AK

[SIZE=6]Station KECA2 - 9450460 - Ketchikan, AK[/SIZE]

I am getting “Your selected weather station is currently unavailable. Until your weather station becomes available, Weather Watcher Live will display weather data from the nearest available weather station.”

This Station KECA2 is up and working. Here is the NOAA National Data Buoy Center for this station:

Why am I getting this “Balloon Message”?

That message is alerting you that the current conditions are being pulled from another nearby weather station (PAKT in this case) since the selected weather station is not currently reporting data to Earth Networks for some reason.

Is this able to be corrected any time soon?

The weather station owner will have to correct that problem. If you have a contact there, try reaching out to them for help.

This station is on the USCG Base in Ketchikan AK. It might be maintained by NOAA, I am going to try and find out.