When I open the StickIt options, the option to “Start StickIt when Windows Starts” is grayed out. :sad: How do I make StickIt start when Windows starts? Do I just put it in the “Startup” group, or is there a better way? (Any idea why is this option grayed out?)
Thank you for your help!

KayKay, that should only happen if you have a “Settings.ini” file in your StickIt program folder. If you delete that file and restart StickIt, then that option should be available. If you are intentionally storing your settings in that INI, then you could accomplish the same thing by creating a shortcut in the “Startup” folder in the Windows Start menu.

I didn’t create a settings.ini file, but there is one…
This is what’s in the settings.ini file


I’ll delete and see what happens. Thanks for the swift reply!

ps. this settings file might have been leftover from an earlier version, I installed the new version over an old 2.x version.