Start Weather Watcher Live

Why always I set in Options<General<Miscellaneous<Start Weather Watcher Live when Windows starts, it returns again to zero in the next time I start Weather Watcher Live?

What happens if you set it, close the Weather Watcher Options window, and then open it again? Is it still set then?

It happens randomly. I noticed because the system didn’t update the wallpaper.

What happens if you try what I posted above?

It is still set!

Good! That at least means Weather Watcher is properly saving that setting.

Are you using any security-related applications that are able to control the applications that start with Windows? It sounds like another application is removing Weather Watcher from the list of applications that start with Windows.

I have installed SYSTEM MECHANIC of Iolo Technologies.

It looks like you can manage your startup apps with the Advanced Startup Manager tool: … 488Startup

Check that Weather Watcher is not disabled there.