Here are the sections of the new “Splendid2” skin. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the NOW section. This skin will be shipping with the next public Weather Watcher Live release.




Clear and concise, but will we have a choice of what info we require for each column? I notice the barometric pressure is missing for example.

Looks good, Mike! :wink:

biggles150, the columns will be as-is above. WeatherBug does not have hourly or daily pressure data, so there is no way to display that.

Mike…So how come when I hover over the icon in the task bar/FF extension I get the barometric pressure? Both info’s come from WheatherBug…I’m obviously missing something here!

biggles150, I’m guessing you’re talking about the current conditions icon in Firefox? The above screenshots are not showing current conditions.

Mike…I see now :oops: I like the new skin though :thumbright:

I added a screenshot of the new “NOW” section above.

That will take some getting used to. :wink:

Though I do like the bigger map.

I like the “Now” page, but prefer the additional information on the hourly and daily pages on the original Splendid - without having to mouse over.

Manymosi, how about this idea?

  • Show the “More” link by default. Mouse over the “More” link to see the details in a tooltip.

  • Click the “More” link to change the link to “Less” and display the details below the conditions. Click the “Less” link to change it back to “More” and hide the details.

Mike, did you change the colors of the Min, Now and Max bars on the Now page? Mine show 3 different shades of green and not the colors from the first post, which actually look a little better, I think.

Boofo, yes, I did change them in the latest build. The above screenshot is the first version of the bar graphs.

Ah, OK. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t messing up on my end.

That would work for me!

Manymosi, try clicking the “More” link in the following build:

I know this wasn’t meant for me. Mike, but I just tried that version and I think it is great with the More and Less links. Will it remember how you have it set?

Boofo, it’ll be a permanent feature of the Splendid2 skin. The skin should remember which link was last clicked.

The reason I asked is when I first opened it up the “Less” link was showing. It is a very nice addition, sir. :wink:

I decided to make “Less” the default since most people are used to seeing that information there.