splendid window-cannot drag or reshape

wanting to change colour of thermometer, click on the splendid rings, splendid window appears at the bottom of page and cannot drag. All I see is the heavy black title bar and one line of options.

royal carroll

The splendid options are not actually a window, just a hidden part of the page. When opened it should float itself in the middle of the page you see.
This is done by using javascript, so my guess is that you disabled that in IE.
My solutions would be to either enable javascript in IE or scroll down the WW page so you see all options, then make your choice and close the ‘window’ … Depends on whether you change the setting often…

Though, if javascript isn’t enabled, you should be missing a lot more functionality - also the ability to open the options…

Hmmm, I’m rambling in my fever… What IE version do you have…?

royal, please post a screenshot.