Splendid Text forecast

Using the Splendid skin, is it possible to see the detailed text forecast? I believe on the XP skin it is called the detailed forecast.

I really like and appreciate the program, just thought I’d throw an idea out there. I assume the data is already there since some of the other skins show it.



Yes, but only if you use a modified Interface skin. My Stone Soup download includes the original WW Interfaces; Classic, Windows 98, Longhorn, but not the Splendid Interface, modified to support the Detailed option along with a couple of other Interfaces. You can use them directly or use them as examples to modify the current WW Splendid Interface yourself if you so choose.

hth :icon_smile:

You can view the detailed information by holding your mouse over the day tabs in the “Daily” section of the Splendid skin (see red circled area below).


Perfect, thanks for the Tip Mike

Somehow I knew I was missing something.