Splendid icons not displaying correctly

I just installed Weather Watcher and am using the Splendid skin. I am not seeing the images (icons) correctly. Can anyone help me get this working?

This is all I am seeing:


Regards, Jim

The icons require javascript, your browser has javscript disabled.

That was it, thank you! I usually keep java scripts disabled in my browser.


I have the same problem, but I don’t want to enable Active Scripting for the entire Internet Zone. Can anyone tell me what individual site(s) I may add to the Trusted Zone, where Active Scripting is enabled, as a workaround?

Try adding http://www.singerscreations.com.

Thank you, but that didn’t work. I tried http://www.singerscreations.com, www.singerscreations.com, and *.singerscreations.com.

whatever, which Weather Watcher forecast skin are you using (see the “Skins” Options window tab)?

I’m using Splendid.

whatever, you could use another Weather Watcher forecast skin that does not use JavaScript (most use JavaScript).

The easiest fix would be to install all of the latest Windows updates and enable JavaScript. What exactly is the benefit of disabling JavaScript anyhow? :-k

I always have all the updates. I’m just paranoid, given that MSIE seems to always have vulnerabilities, including some that are unpatched.

CHeck out IEPro then. It has functions similar to NoScript for Fx…you can build a whitelist for JavaScript…

I won’t enable JavaScript for the entire Internet Zone, so I was determined to find the answer. I did.

The issue is that the HTML generated by Weather Watcher has a saved from URL comment in it:

<!-- saved from url=(0031)http://www.singerscreations.com -->

When MSIE sees that comment in the skin’s HTML file, it applies Internet Zone security settings to that HTML file, rather than the My Computer security settings, even though the file is indeed local.

See this MSKB reference.

If that comment wasn’t in the skin’s HTML file, it would run under the My Computer zone, and would work fine (unless a user has disabled Active Scripting in the My Computer zone by editing the registry).

Is the saved from URL comment there for any good reason? My guess is that they’re only there inadvertently.

In any case, removing that line from the .wtp skin source files corrects the issue (provided a reinstall doesn’t overwrite those files, of course).

You guessed wrong. :razz: See this thread:
http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … l&start=20

And yes each WW update will overwrite the default wtp skin files. Your best option wiht this approach would be to take the current modified skin folder and copy it to a new name, call it MySafeSkin for example, then select it on the WW Option’s Skins tab. That way WW updates will not overwrite your changes or impact your viewing.

I don’t know what you did with your IE settings but adding WW’s URL to your TRUSTED zone should have resolved the problem.

Can I assume from your fear of IE that you use FF as your primary browser? If so enabling Javascript in IE doesn’t increase it’s risk since nothing is using it except WW. Besides the best protection is running a good AV which is kept updated, a firewall and some good malware apps rather than turning off features.

I didn’t test this recently in IE 6, but it doesn’t seem to work with IE 7 (unless I am doing something wrong). I thought that line at the top of the WTP files used to resolve this issue. I don’t know what changed between then and now :scratch:

Well, with IE6 if the line is removed, invoking an html file stored on the hd that uses Javascripting results in the IE warning msg “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content…” With the “saved from url” line in the code the IE prompt is eliminated.

AND I found that I don’t have the URL that I use in that line, http://www.w3.org, in my Trusted zone or any other for that matter.

Right – from what I read, that is all that line really does.

Right now, it seems to be causing the issue.


I just tried an htm file with IE 7 both with and without the line and got no prompt either way. The URL was not in any IE list. Don’t know if it’s a MS fix or a MS bug.

For those having a problem with it a simple solution was posted earlier. :wink:

I think this is the only answer for right now since a lot of people are still using IE 6.

EdP, did you try removing that line and then viewing the modified skin with IE6? It’s been a while since I added that – I recall it was needed to force the JavaScript to load correctly in IE6.

Yes. See http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … c&start=14

Without the line IE 6 comes up with a prompt every time the page is accessed.