Special Weather Statement

Just noticed this type of advisory statement isn’t available from the drop down list.
Can it be added?

U.S. National Weather Service Alerts for Austin, TX

Special Weather Statement
Now - Monday, Nov 11, 8:45am

WWL 1-0-17

The only current alert for Austin, TX is a “Non-Precipitation Advisory”. I selected that alert in the extension options and it displayed in the toolbar.

Is that the alert you were looking for? Or was there a “Special Weather Statement” alert at the time you posted this?

There was a “Special Weather Statement” alert at the time I posted.

It was picked up by forecast fox but not WWL

I’ll have to look into this. It looks like there might be some alerts that are not being picked up.

Doing it now, Snow Flurries

Special Weather Statement


I resolved this issue, but the new extension is still in review. Until it has been reviewed, you can manually install it from the following link:

https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/down … src=devhub

Tried it but “Special Weather Statement” isn’t in the Alerts dropdown list and nothing is showing in the Toolbar. WWL 1.0.20

I did not add additional weather alerts types – since others could be missing too. So, all special weather statements should be shown.

What does “nothing is showing in the toolbar” mean?

No Icon in the WWL indicating an alert.

WeatherBug is not reporting an alert for Austin right now:
http://weather.weatherbug.com/TX/Austin … fips=48453

That’s where the data comes from.

http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/austin … s/34444_pc

That would explain it, strange they aren’t picking this one up?

Well, it’s not too strange… since that alert does exist. I’m not sure why WeatherBug is filtering it out.

I do see the alert in Weather Watcher Live (for Windows desktop):


Using a Linux box so no Windows Desktop.

Have a good night. Going to bed.

http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/austin … s/34444_pc

Too weird, who’s issuing these advisories? You know of any reason for WB to ignore official statements?

The alerts come from the National Weather Service:
http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.ph … sRwomeA1WI

For some reason, WeatherBug is not showing that alert though:
http://weather.weatherbug.com/TX/Austin … &zip=73301