South Island NZ land mass shading

I have 7.0.99 WWL and notice the beige color for the land mass vanishes occasionally, leaving only the island outline. Also over the past couple of days the humidity scale reads the same for min, now and max. Using Sockburn WU PWS.

It looks like the radar map is not available right now:

You can display nearly any image from the Internet in the “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window. To do so, click “SETTINGS” at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window and enter the link to the map image in the “Map Image Link” box. After updating the weather, your new map image will be displayed.

That happens when the weather stations is not reporting the min and the max for the day. I’m working on a new release that stores the downloaded weather data. So, I’ll be able to use that information instead of relying on the numbers passed back from the weather stations.