Sophistication of Firewalls, necessitates


You say that you don’t use a firewall (which, although I believe you, I find more that a little difficult to accept).

Having said that, given that firewalls are getting more and more sophisticated, I think it now prudent to “trim” the number of .dll’s and the absolutely unneccessary number of ports, that this proggie uses simply to update the weather!

I have it using over[30 ports! How can this be needed!?

I still, after having spent an hour, am unable to configure it in such a way, that I can download the updates! The only way to do so, is to grant it access to all ports and protocols!

This, is definitely not needed!!!

Please, Mike… you are very good at supporting your product.

This is not the only request that you have had to help us out by at least letting us know which ports it uses.

It certainly, will not be the last.