Sometimes doesn't load & severe weather alert

First let me say that I love Weather Watcher! Am having a few problems though. Sometimes when I turn my system on, the temp box is not in the tray. If I click on the icon & open, it still does not appear. I’ve had to reinstall the program about three times already. Seems to happen every few weeks. Second, and more importantly because it’s really driving me nuts - I’ve got it set up to where the alarm continuously sounds if there is a weather advisory in my area. Problem is, even after I’ve checked the advisory, the alarm is still sounding. Happened the other day but since I was shutting down for the night, I let it go. Today, it happened again. Even removing the loop did not help. I finally had to click ‘remove’ and go with no sound for alerts. How can I fix this? Thanks!! [?]

From what I could find out, the system tray icon not showing up on start-up is a Windows bug. At that point, you cannot start Weather Watcher again because it is already running. You can verify that by looking in your Task Manager.

As for the other bugs, I will take a look and fix what needs to be fixed.

I checked the task manager and it isn’t there. Yet, it still wouldn’t load when I tried to open it manually. Any other suggestions I could try?

This time when it didn’t load, I did see it in the task manager, which did show that WW was running. I ended the task & reopened WW and this time it worked. Can’t say the same for the severe weather alert loop - last time I activated the alert, it again would not stop. Thanks [:I]

nonun – Right… because the system tray problem is a Windows bug (from what I can tell) and the sound alert must be a bug within Weather Watcher (which could only be fixed by an update).