Something strange with wallpaper update

I have just downloaded the latest version of WeatherWatcher (5.6.14) hoping that it might fix the problem, but it didn’t.

The problem is that while it sometimes works perfectly, sometimes I can’t get the wallpaper to appear. If I click on “Retrieve Weather” it does it, but “Refresh Wallpaper” and the Internet is not even accessed. Closing WeatherWatcher and restarting sometimes works, but sometimes needs doing many times before it happens and other times it still won’t work.

Today after reading about similar problem by someone else, after not being able to get the wallpaper at all, I deselected the option to only update wallpaper when connected to the Internet and promptly got the latest wallpaper to appear. This seems rather strange since I am permanently connected by broadband.

It remains to be seen if this is a permanent cure or just coincidence.

For some reason, Weather Watcher cannot accurately detect if an Internet connection is available on some computers. If you’re using an always on connection, then it’s a good idea to keep that option unchecked. It’s really only beneficial for those people using a dial-up connection.