some suggestions/improvements

I’d be glad if the problem mentioned by DonKid could be solved in the next update of this software. (incoming notes do not display the contactname, but computername and IP-adres; and IP-adresses are getting listed twice in the contactslist, once with computername and once with contactname)

Other suggestions/improvements:

  • A notification of an incoming message.
  • when UDP is enabled, SIserver to startup automatically when windows is started (I now have to place a shortcut in the startup folder manually. If I don’t people are not able to receive a note, until they have started the program once)
  • All incoming notes are exactly on top of each other and look as 1 message. It would be nice if one could see if they have 1 or several incoming notes.
  • small icons for “edit note”, “copy note to clipboard”, “keep note on top” and “remove note” on top of the note would be nice.
  • multilingual.


Thank you for the ideas [:)]

I was hoping that StickIt would search for and import new fonts upon startup. I downloaded StickIt quite some time ago, and love using it, but I have some new fonts on my computer since I installed it and it does not seem to recognize them. Any suggestions?

I have some suggestions to StickIt…

  • Minimize to tray, and when you click on the tray icon, it creates a new note
  • Alarms / calendar
  • Give the notes a title
  • Instead having an input box type deal to edit the text in a note, when you double click on it, you should be able to edit it.
  • Resize of note
  • Change appearance of note (skinnable notes! [8D])
  • Ability to temporarily hide notes, and restore them later
  • Save notes (and screen positions) on shutdown, reload them when restarted
  • Along with the above one, the sticky notes should not be its own process, it should be part of the main thing. So when you close StickIt, all notes go with it (saved of course)
  • Snap on edges of screen
  • Transparency of notes (customizable on a per note basis)
  • Pin to desktop; so you cant accidentally move it
  • Ability to click through notes if there are shortcuts under it
  • Undo accidental trashing of notes
  • Improve memory usuage
  • Enhanced interface
  • More options to control notes in general

I think this is enough for now [:p][;)][8)][^]