Some Maps Won't Work as Wallpaper

I’ve added some custom maps and I’m wondering why only some of them show up in the Wallpaper list. I can see them in the map list and view them OK, they just aren’t there in the Wallpaper list.

Can you post the URLs of some that don’t?

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”> … %3FdQ+AAdd

I realize that it doesn’t look like an image file, but it is. It displays fine in the map viewer. But like I said before, it doesn’t show up in the wallpaper list. Does that list have some special requirements maybe?

Wow!! The world’s longest URL.

Good news/bad news:

Bad news - the above URL returns an error msg stating that the “Request timed out”

Good news - the domain name portion of the URL appears to work fine.

However, Windows requires wallpapers to be files rather than servlets. When you view the map in IE and select the Save as Background option Windows writes it to a BMP file (c:\Documents and Settings<userid>\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Internet Explorer Wallpaper.bmp) and uses it as the Desktop’s background. Windows does not support animated wallpapers, not even animated gifs.

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

Well that explains it. Damn Windows. I guess I’ll have to use that site directly for that map.

Thanks for the info!