some feedback

I’m liking the new interface, and especially the ability to open the window with a single click! Just a couple of things I’m not liking so much:

In WW when the WW window is opened, the current conditions screen is already showing the most recently downloaded data. In WWL, it is still displaying the data from the last time the window was opened, and takes several seconds to update it.

In WW the severe weather alerts would open up in a window within WW. WWL launches a web browser. Yuck.

Both of these things IMO defeat the purpose of using a tray app for weather. I used WW because it was a lot quicker than looking things up in the browser, especially if the browser was not already running.

Mine updates in about .5 seconds. That update time would of vary depending on your computer’s processing power.

I suppose I could keep the main window open and hidden the entire time, but then you might note that WWL uses too much memory. It’s a tradeoff either way you look at it.