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Smiley icon

Could you add this icon to the Emoticons that initially display?

That link seems to be broken. I updated the emoticons to include most of the more familiar emoticons.

That’s strange. It shows up if you click on it then backup a page. :-s The URL for it is :

With all the new icons, of which there are a slew, I don’t see any like this one, a simple plain vanilla old fashion smiley.

When I click that link, I see this:

[i]You don’t have permission to access /images/phpbb/icons/smile.gif on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. [/i]

:shock: :-k

It’s got to be the different browsers, you use IE and I use Netscape.

You probably can’t get to[/url] or [url=] either.


So much effort for something so small.

Anyways, here it is :

BTW The square :happy11: smiley seems to have disappeared. You know the one I have been using for the past week.

It worked today after I first opened a new IE window. It looks like the site is checking the referral links… to prevent people from linking to their images.

I added it :icon_smile:

The yellow color doesn’t match the other smilies, but we’ll go with it anyhow.

Thank you. :icon_smile: :icon_smile: :icon_smile:

And it is a slightly different yellow isn’t it. Since I found it on another phpBB forum I thought it would match exactly. Sorry. If I find a better match I’ll let you know.

Why did the happy11 icon go away? Is there a limit to how many you can have?

No clue :scratch:

There is no limit in the “View More Emoticons” link.


This one’s coloration is better.

If you could move the wav icon, :wav:, to it’s own column on the right the other columns would be more uniform when the window is expanded.


That one will take some programming to fix :icon_smile:

not too much programming… try [BETA] Smiley management :wink:

there is also another one I can’t find right now but it lets you resort them.