Small font

My screens are way smaller than the screenshots I see for this. running v. 1.0.17 on an HTC touch pro.

Is there anyway to zoom, or change resolution?

Please post a screenshot.

The screen fonts on my HTC Fuze are way too small as well. I can’t make out a single thing.

How do the fonts look when viewing websites in Internet Explorer? It looks like you might just need to tweak an Internet Explorer setting to resolve that issue.

You are right about my IE screens being unreadable as well. I went to menu>view>text size> and set it to Largest, but it didn’t make any difference… the text is still so tiny in IE that I can’t read it and WWM is the same as well. :sad:

If you can figure out how to fix the issue in IE, then you should be okay in Weather Watcher Mobile too. Check out some HTC Touch Pro forums: