Slight addition to your known bugs

just checked the known bugs list and that took care of two of my points! thanks.

My remaining one may be nothing to do with WW, but I’ll try anyway - the hourly forecast bears little resemblance to the daily forecast for tomorrow.

Hourly forecast is showing thunderstorms for tomorrow, the daily forecast - warm breezy 30% chance of precipitation.

(Bournemouth Airport - UK)



There is an issue with the hourly forecast that is causing older hourly data to be cached and display. Are you sure the hourly forecast is current – starting at the next hour?

Hi Mike,

Just downloaded version 0.40 still got the same hourly forecast! More thunderstorms tonight!! So it would seem that it is indeed not updating correctly.

Also just noticed that the hourly forecast starts on Friday, then at midnight goes to Sunday, then at midnight to Wednesday.

Yes, the hourly forecast is being cached by the WeatherBug data feed. Once they resolve that issue, the hourly forecast will automatically start displaying correctly in Weather Watcher Live.

Unfortunately, this issue is out of my hands. I talked to WeatherBug last week and they did mention that they have a senior developer working full-time to resolve this issue.