Slider bar (bottom) - I want upcoming days, not moons!

The slider bar at the bottom shows only upcoming moons/suns (only moon/sun icons & mysterious digits :-)).
Anyway, I want to have a 7-day forecast at this place. I have read somewhere that this bar can be scrolled (what I confirm) or flicked (I do not confirm). If the latter is a way to get what I expect, I do know how to do it.
I still fail. Please help!

Well, I found it :icon_smile: . It is below the slider, “SETTINGS”.

But I still do not understand digits at icons - no dates, no temp…
How can I understand it?
Your help will be appreciated.

Janeo, the numbers in the slider mean the following:

Days – high temperature for the day
Hours – high temperature for the hour
Moons – percent of moon illumination

Thanks. But where are names of week days? Mon, Tue, etc…??
Heeh…, I return to old, good Wheather Watcher. Sorry :frowning:
Regards, J

Janeo, I’ll get back to you on that one. It looks like there might be an issue with the international skin.


Would it be reasonable in the summer to have the slider show days high temp and in the winter to show days low temp?

From a Canadian perspective I believe it would, but I’m not sure if this would be a universal choice.