Skins for WeatherWatcher

I think that the WeatherWatcher is the most developed weather desktop ever! but I still can’t find any skins to make it mine [;)]

maybe I’m too lazy to find it but I would be happy if You have sent me any site address with skins made for Weather Watcher…

thanks, and keep doing this progzzz

Hi in4mator,

1) Have you already looked at the Weather Watcher Skins topic? There are several good skins available in those topics.

2) Also, you can read further discussion by clicking on the Search link at the top of the page, and searching on both skin and skins, using the “Match any of the words” selection. There are three pages of results.

– PatrickB

shhhhhh don’t tell him where our secret stash is. Then everybody will know.</font id=“size1”>